We have suspected for some time that ‘cat parents’ are just as committed to the ongoing health and happiness of their trusted sofa companions as any dog owner.
Everyone knows that cats are particularly finicky when it comes to elevenses and mealtimes but when you have an unrivalled reputation like ours for creating flavourful feasts made from the tastiest and healthiest ingredients in Nature’s abundant larder, what is there really to worry about?

100% nature ingredients
Human grade ingredients

Pawfect Nature’s Feast uses only the finest goat meat, goat liver, lamb, fish, chicken breast and chicken liver. We take every care to preserve the taste, aroma and freshness by using advanced freeze-drying technology to transform freshly cut portions of meat into delicious treats without any loss of nutritional oompf. We don’t add anything to the meat; we don’t take anything away from it. That is why our treats are Pawfect!

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