We feel passionately as ‘pet parents’ that more has to be done to ensure the ongoing happiness and daily well-being of our dogs.

We believe we need to respect and reward our pet’s unwavering loyalty and companionship with a far-reaching range of meticulously made, nutritionally-savvy treats that best reflect the implicit ties and deep-rooted trust that exists between pet & pet owner.

Our Specialty

The Pawfect Way

Quality products

100% all-natural, grain-free & devoid of any artificial, test tube nasties (scents, flavourings…)

Super-premium, all-natural ingredient decks in tune with the latest nutritional learnings.

Enviable shelf life

Healthy ingredients

Jam-packed with natural, clean-deck goodness (beneficial vitamins, nutrients….)

Rich in well-rounded, rewarding (& sometimes exotic) flavours and textures

Tailored to suit different breeds, different sizes and different life stages

Our Vision

The Pawfect Vision

We aim to tackle head on the bland and ‘nutritionally bleak’ landscape of mass-produced/over-processed conveyor belt dog treats. We want to rid the shelves of short-sighted snacks riddled with dubious, second-rate ingredients packed with pointless ‘filler’ grains and unscrupulous masking salts, sugars and synthetic nasties (flavours, scents & colourings).

We recognise that many of the wholesome dietary breakthroughs now shaping ever-improving human diets have the potential to truly enhance the long-term health, happiness and fortunes of your equally deserving dog.

At Pawfect Foods we ignore the short-sighted belief that dogs are single-track carnivores by adopting a more ‘flexitarian’ outlook. We actively accept the unavoidable truth that first-class fruit, veg, herbs and dairy bring extra nutritional integrity and virtue to any dog’s daily diet.

Our clean-eating agenda of pioneering, all-natural daily treats have been lovingly made in small, handcrafted batches to nurture the long-term health and happiness of your four-legged family friend.

Our Mission

The Pawfect Mission

Inquisitive minds coupled with a stubborn refusal to never stand still means Pawfect Foods will always be a revolving door of tasty, all-natural treats plucked fresh from nature’s abundant larder.

Whether this means trekking at high altitude in the Himalayas, operating complex supply chains in adverse weather conditions, haggling with Yak and/or Himalayan cow or camel herders, beachcombing the shoreline or unearthing ‘hidden gem’ tropical orchards; we’ll always go the extra mile in pursuit of the next game-changing ingredient.

In short, we’ll keep channelling our efforts into sourcing and producing top notch dog treats choc-a-bloc with fantastical flavours, nutritional worth and enviable ingredient provenance that will help elevate the quality of life for deserving canines everywhere.

Our Promise

What We Promise

Our Products Use Human-Grade Ingredients

Why would you even consider feeding your dog something you’re unable to digest yourself? We insist that each and every one of our ingredients is 100% natural, human-grade, gluten-free, and devoid of any lazy, synthetic nasties (preservatives, colourings….).

Thoughtful, ‘Ahead-of-the-Curve’ Recipes

Every recipe we make now or in the future will be natural, nutritional and undeniably delicious. We consciously keep our ingredient decks clean and uncluttered, preferring to use small numbers of best-in-class ingredients that combine tirelessly to create truly memorable snacking solutions.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

We work with highly skilled farmers and herdsmen who share our food passion and impeccable quality values. Each Pawfect Foods associate will undergo a thorough and rigorous training programme that meets and exceeds the highest food safety and quality standards practiced anywhere. Our diligent traceability processes means each & every ingredient can be meticulously tracked back to source.

World Class Production Facilities

Our state-of-the-art production facility in India is an approved pet food facility & HACCP, ISO-22000-2018 certified and BRC credited.

Giving Back

Towards a Better World

We’re committed towards a better world for all canines (either domesticated or living rough).

While we shower our utmost love and care on our pets, many stray dogs are left to fend for themselves; forced to live off waste food scraps wherever they can find them. Everytime we sell and you buy a packet of Pawfect products, we share a portion of the revenue for the welfare of these strays and together with you we make a small contribution towards the bigger goal.

Our Resident Expert

Dr Veneta Kozhuhrova (DVM,MRCVS,Cert, CFVHNut) has been a practicing veterinary surgeon since 2008, with a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon’s approved Master’s Degree specializing in canine nutrition (independent consultations & diet formulations).

Veneta was the ‘creative force’ behind Doggy’s Cuppa herbal blends, an eminently sensible next step for a veterinary expert who constantly found herself diagnosing and addressing a frequently recurring sequence of debilitating doggy ailments: digestive & urinary health, old age, stress & angst, dehydration, immune, energy booster, obesity & diabetes.

We love to take care

Your dog’s happiness is the very reason Pawfect Foods exists. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to create a virtual gallery from all of our favourite, ‘playful’ pet pics you send in.

Every month we’ll choose our three favourite pics to join our K9 collage and each winning entry will win a bundle of Pawfect goodies!

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