A Purrfect Blend of Quality & Nutrition

All-Natural Ingredients

Our pets deserve top-tier nutrition, and we understand that the finest nutrients come from natural ingredients. Each Pawfect recipe is uniquely crafted from 100% natural, clean, and uncluttered ingredients.

Nutrient Dense

We only include ingredients in our recipes that actively contribute to helping your dog live a long, fulfilled, and happy life.

Human Worthy

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, suitable for human consumption, in facilities approved for human food production.

Uncompromised Quality in Every Recipe

At Pawfect Foods, we don't just make pet food and treats. We craft experiences that nourishes the pets and delights the pet parents. Every recipe we make now or in the future will be 100% natural, nutritional and undeniably delicious. We consciously keep our ingredient decks clean and uncluttered, preferring to use small numbers of best-in-class ingredients that combine tirelessly to create truly memorable snacking solutions.


Fresh Ingredients

We exclusively use fresh ingredients from the local farms to ensure the highest quality and most nutritious food and treats for your pet.



All our products are multifunctional, ensuring every calorie counts. With nourishment in every bite, whether it's food, treat, or chew, there are no empty calories.


Free From Nasties

All Pawfect products are 100% natural in the truest sense. No preservatives, added color, flavour, fillers, grains, potatoes or soy.


Thoughtful, "Ahead of the curve recipes"

One of the key principles behind our portfolio is the incorporation of novel and innovative ingredients that are beneficial for the pets leading us to pioneer many firsts in the world of pet nutrition.