Crispy Banana Treats


Packed with nutrients, a banana is a perfect snack or delicious addition to top off meals. These little bites of delicious goodness will simply burst with flavour and crunch in the mouth of your beloved canine friend.

Banana is the only fruit that contains the amino acid tryptophan plus Vitamin B6, which together help to cheer up the mood of your dog.

High in potassium and low in salt, bananas are officially recognised by nutritionists as being able to lower blood pressure and protect against heart attack and stroke. Rich in pectin that aids digestion, a  banana also acts as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria. This yummy crispy treat is thus great both for physiological & psychological health.

Our unflinching commitment to great taste and nutritional integrity means we freeze-dry our bananas because heavy-handed heat treatments suppress the fruits natural flavour and nutritional oompf. Our freeze-dried banana treats have the same nutrition as a fresh banana. Freeze drying preserves the flavours and nutrients, transforming the fresh fruits into the light, crispy and delicious fruit treats.

  • 100% natural dog treats
  • Gluten and grain Free
  • No added preservatives or additives
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients

Weight: 55g

  • Improves overall health
  • Promotes healthy bone growth
  • Improve vitamin absorption
  • Immune system boosting
  • Antioxidant properties