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Made to a traditional Himalayan recipe at an altitude of 15,000+ ft, Pawfect raises the bar for discerning dairy-themed dog treats crafted by seasoned churpi makers.

Our cheese comes courtesy of the happy Yak and/or Himalayan Cows raised naturally in the panoramic vistas of the Himalayas. Such a clean, pristine landscape, comprised of fresh unpolluted air and chemical-free pastures provides an idyllic setting for happy ‘antibiotic/synthetic hormone free’ herds to flourish.

One can probably appreciate how adverse weather conditions, archaic transport facilities, bygone dialects and intransigent global food standards all conspire to make bringing this range to market a little tricky and yet our belief in its beneficial attributes means we refuse to be distracted or deflected in our pursuit of dog treat perfection.

White & black yak in alpine mountains


Pawfect Himalayan
himalayan full range

You could call this our original ‘hero’ product, the flagship dog treat that made us realise that we could carve out a very distinct niche in today’s uncomfortably cluttered, some might say ‘samey’ marketplace.

This isn’t the sort of ‘quick fix’ treat that can be slid down a whizzy, high-tech conveyor belt. Instead, it’s a product that leans heavily on traditional learnings, stubbornly refusing to cut corners or consider time-saving short-cuts. Patience and a little finger twiddling are integral to this product’s incredible taste – we appreciate this all sounds a little finicky, but your pet will honestly appreciate our ‘unrushed’ approach.

Made from the same ‘at-one-with-nature’ ingredients as our flagship Pawfect Cheese Chew Bars BUT with added crunch that your dog will adore. A perfect time-out treat for any dog craving a savoury snack overflowing with great taste and enviable nutrition.

Suitable for all breeds and pet life stages PLUS an ideal healthy training treat

100% Natural  100% Natural
Free Range  From free-range grazing yaks & cows
Human Grade  Human-grade ingredients

Calcium Protien  Calcium & protein rich
Vegetarian Friendly  Vegetarian-friendly
Grain Free  100% grain-free

Preservative Free  Preservative-free
Stain Free  Stain-free
Durable-long-lasting  Durable & long-lasting

Eye Catching  Eye-catching packaging
Long Lasting Jam Long-lasting, jam-packed with beneficial protein
Calcium Omega Oil  Calcium & omega 3 oils


Sun-dried for 35 days and smoked to perfection, our Pawfect Himalayan cheese treats are adored by the canine fraternity and appreciated by ‘pet parents’ for their rich, deliciously distinct flavours, rugged/all-natural textures and positive nutrition.

1) It Starts With The Loveable Yak and/or Himalayan Cow

Our milk gets delivered from our Yak and Cow farms, local dairies and our preferred network of individual herders in the Himalayas.

2) The Milk Is Turned Into Cheese

The cream is removed underpinning our commitment to low-fat treats. Then a very small amount of lime juice & salt is added to coagulate (harden) the milk.

3) The Milk Is Then Compressed

The coagulated solids are compressed in muslin cloth until most of the moisture has been removed.

4) The Formed Blocks Are Rested

The resulting blocks are left to rest for a few days, further enhancing their flavour as they are readied for cutting.

5) Cut & Smoke Dried

The resulting chews are then smoke-dried for 28 days whilst being hung or dangled from a wire grid in the smoking sheds.

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